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Instagram Analytics Explained

On Instagram, converting your personal account to a business account gives you a multitude of useful features which you can use to strengthen your social media marketing and branding strategies. The analytical tools on Instagram provides you with a number of valuable insights regarding the demographics, activities and preferences of your existing and potential consumers.

One of the most obvious statistical observations is the number of likes and comments you’re receiving for each of your posts, and the number of views if you’ve uploaded a video. By carefully examining these patterns, you can effectively identify which type of content your followers appreciate and engage with the most, and create more content that is most likely to encourage the highest levels of engagement.

What’s more, you can also see the amount of times your posts have been saved and shared by your followers with other users on that platform. When someone decides to save a post from your brand, it is a positive indication that it’s something they want to come back to and perhaps even purchase. Moreover, when they are share a post with their family and friends then it’s an encouraging sign that the content you’re posting is not only attracting the interest of your followers, but is also leading to word-of-mouth recommendations and by extension more traffic to your pages and websites.

Instagram also gives analytics for its Stories feature, wherein you can measure the reach and impressions of your posts and stories. Reach refers to the number of unique accounts which have seen your story, meaning the social media users you have managed to reach even though they are outside of your follower base. Impressions, on the other hand, refers to the numbers of times users saw your posts and stories.

Another analytical tool is ‘Actions’ - if you provided an external link to your online store or website in a story, then you can see the number of people who clicked on that link compared to the number of people who viewed the story. There are also in-depth statistics relating to the nationality of the followers of your page, their age range and even the times of the day and days in the week during which they are most active.

With the detailed summaries provided by Instagram Analytics, you can provide your followers with a truly tailored social media experience, engaging them on a personal level and ensuring that you connect and interact with them on a persona level. For example, you can decide what are the best times to post depending on the time of day your followers are most active. You can also see whether your followers prefer interactive posts or video content, for example, and create content and upload posts that they want to see and hear.

With Instagram’s Insights, you can master the art of social media marketing and advertising, using these analytics and statistics in order to create a strong brand image that will not only engage your existing followers, but also reach out to an ever-widening audience of potential customers.

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