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Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing

Elevate Your Real Estate Marketing

Consider these three strategies to create a memorable personal brand.

Your legacy as a real estate agent is essential. As such, no matter your experience in the industry, your personal brand is key. With the following tools in your arsenal, you can elevate your marketing and watch your sales skyrocket.

1. Build a personal brand identity.

In other words, you want to become a household name.

Here’s the thing: Today, it isn’t enough to rely on a major company name to fuel your reputation. While there are certainly benefits to working for a renowned agency, you need to focus on building your personal brand above all else.

Why is this? Creating your brand identity will help you develop a more intimate connection with prospects. The result is a roster of loyal, lifelong clientele who work with you because they know and trust you personally.

Some tips for achieving this:

  • Figure out what image you want to project.

Are you edgy and sleek, or warm and traditional? Jot down some words that resonate, and make sure those qualities come through in all your branding.

  • Be open and honest on social media.

Transparency and authenticity are vital. You don’t need to overshare, but you do want to be mindful about posting a blend of personal and professional content.

  • Embrace online interactions with clients.

From accepting Facebook friend requests, to tagging clients in your Instagram posts, you should absolutely prioritize connecting with the people you serve.

2. Make TikTok and Instagram Stories a part of your daily routine.

Speaking of social media, are you engaging with clients and prospects online?

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram are pretty much made for tech-savvy real estate agents. They allow realtors to show their community all that goes into their workday, highlight stunning properties, and even offer design recommendations.

With that, here are some strategies for integrating TikTok and Instagram Stories into your routine:

  • Post a variety of real estate situations.

From showings to successful closings, you’ll want to post a variety of scenarios (with permission, of course). This will give your followers a clear and exciting taste of what you do.

  • Shoot vertically (and mix up your camera view).

Keep in mind that shooting vertically creates a more immersive viewing experience. Not only that, but to foster those close client connections, you’ll also want to talk directly into the camera from time to time.

  • Keep your content witty and engaging.

Don’t overthink this, of course, but infusing humor into your content can go a long way. As long as you stay professional, GIFs, memes, and jokes can help you connect with your clientele.

3. Take advantage of those online leads.

Experiencing a surge of inventory as more and more people leave cities during Covid-19? Internet leads can help you maintain a sense of balance and control.

For more effective lead generation, consider the following:

  • Engage with leads on social media.

Did a LinkedIn connection publish a new article? Is your mother’s friend celebrating her birthday on Facebook? Be sure to like and comment on people’s posts to stay active in everyone’s feed.

  • Launch your Google My Business page.

People put a lot of stock in reviews, which admittedly help real estate agents enhance their brand. To this end, you’ll want to take a couple of minutes to make sure you’re visible in Google searches.

  • Boost your posts as needed.

Set your monthly budget, and watch your social engagement soar. You can hypertarget leads when posting relevant content, and gain 1,000 impressions for just $10 on Facebook (or just $7 on Instagram).

Are you ready to elevate your marketing and strengthen your social media presence? The experts at East End Social Co. can help. Our team oversees clients’ social media pages, manages their graphic design, and takes on their content distribution for optimal engagement.

Regardless of your needs, one thing is certain: We’d love to guide you through some digital best-practices—and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect with our digital marketers today.

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